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Lopen Harmonikat - Loppi Accordion Big Band
The Loppi Accordion Big Band consists of 13 accordionists. The band was founded in 1975. The old-fashioned dance music - such as tango, waltz, fox-trot, “humppa”, jenka, polka, mazurka - is our music.

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  • Lopen Harmonikat practises every Tuesday at 18.30 - 21.00 (6.30 - 9.00 pm) from September to May at Läyliäisten koulu in Loppi.
  • The band has organized a traditional dance evening in Vojakkalan lava, Loppi, on the last Saturday of July every year since 1994.
  • Lopen Harmonikat visits "The Monday Fitness Dance" in Läyliäinen Seurala, normally twice a year: Easter Monday and one Monday in October.
  • Lopen Harmonikat organized The Finnish Championships for Accordion Orchestras in Loppi, Loppisali on 17 May 2008. 


Lopen Harmonikat has produced 5 albums

Click ”Äänitteitä ” in navigation on the left, then click album titles to take a closer look on the song lists. There is a few sound samples (mp3) too, like Autoajelulla (La mucura), Syysunelmia (Sogne d'autumne), perf. Päivi Siivonen) and Lapin kultaa.


Antero Ketonen began to teach playing the accordion in Lopen Opisto in September 1975. A band for advanced players was started too. Dances and concerts, also some radio performances were played with Antero.

Erkki Friman took over in 1979 and conducted until 1991. The band benefited from his expert tuition, excellent arrangements and original compositions. This period includes two Accordion Orchestras' Championships: The Finnish Championship in 1986 and The Nordic Championship in 1988. The band also made two vinyl albums: 1984 "Muuttolintujen lähtö" in 1984 (12 songs) and "Ruusu joka vuodesta" in 1989 (12 songs). Erkki has been the conducter on all our albums.

Tapio Rannanmaa started as our Musical Director in 1991. Lots of dance and concert performances, 2 cd albums have been made: "Autoajelulla" in 1998 and "24 ruusua menneiltä vuosilta" in 2005.